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eBay Bid Sniping Tutorial


Since its launch in 1995 eBay has been one of the highest traffic sites on the Internet.

Though the principle of buying and selling bargain priced or hard to find items has stayed the same, several aspects of this global marketplace have changed.

One of the most prevalent changes is the rise of bid sniping.

Simply put, sniping involves placing the highest bid during the last few seconds of an auction as opposed to bidding throughout the auction.

Read on to learn how you can use bid sniping tools and techniques to win more bids on eBay!

What is Bid Sniping?

Bid sniping offers advantages to eBay buyers and is dreaded by sellers. By placing bids during the last few seconds of an auction, the buyer avoids bidding wars. Bid sniping removes the emotion from bidding and generally keeps the final sale price lower than bidding throughout the auction.

In addition to saving money and winnning more auctions, the buyer also saves time. Manual auction sniping is great for those with a fast Internet connection and few obligations.

Most people, however, are not always awake or available when auctions close. Bid sniping is perfectly acceptable within eBay’s terms of service and is a commonly used bidding tactic. Several auction sniping tools exist for eBayers.

You will find reviews of many other useful auction software and tools on AuctionWeiser! 

Power Snipe

Power Snipe is one such eBay sniping tool. As a bid sniping tool, Power Snipe is ideal for those who make frequent eBay purchases. The user interface adds a convenient "snipe" button to the browser toolbar. When the button is clicked, a simple form is shown.

After the form is filled out, this sniping software then places a bid on the user’s behalf during the final two to eight seconds of the auction. Power snipe comes with many convenient options but a hefty $59.99 annual price tag.

Auction Sniper

The next auction sniping tool tested was Auction Sniper. This service offers the eBay sniper a slew of conveniences. Auction Sniper’s user interface is completely web based and does not require a software download. One can search eBay’s auction listings via the sniping tool’s site and click through to see a full auction listing.

The timing of snipe is completely customizable, giving the user full control of the bid. This auction sniping software offers the ability to place bids on similar items from different sellers, automatically bidding until the buyer wins an item for a desired price.

Auction Sniper charges a fee of $.25 to $9.95 for each successful snipe (the first three snipes are free), making it a cost effective choice for the casual eBay bid sniper.

Auction Sentry Deluxe

The Auction Sentry Deluxe software package is an effective sniping tool for the more intense eBay user. The sniping tool offers several advantages not seen in other tools like it. With the click of a mouse a user can synchronize a PC clock with eBay’s system. The software will also track eBay sales (and profits) in addition to purchases.

Those users who sell as well as buy will find the Excel export function handy. The only disadvantage is that this auction sniping software only works when a computer is on and connected to the Internet. Otherwise, Auction Sentry Deluxe is well worth the $24.95 annual licensing fee. offers a great service for the novice auction sniper. One can search, bid or set up an auction snipe directly from the Bidnapper web site. This bid sniping tool takes ease of searching to a whole new level by searching for typo listings and ignoring accessories with the click of a mouse.

The payment options are flexible and start at $7.95 per month for a subscription. Snipe lots, or groups of individual uses, are available starting at approximately $2 per snipe.


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