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eSellerPro Software Review


Product:   eSellerPro

Company:  Sandbourne Systems


Platform: Multiple

Trial: Demo available

Applicable Auction Sites:

eBay: All

Others:, Alibris, Amazon,,,, Google Base, Half, PlayTrade


A one-off setup fee, plus 1.5% gross monthly turnover for support and maintenance. Minimum turnover thresholds apply.

Developer offers hosting capabilities for all aspects of its software, including back-up services for customers running the system locally.


Management solution that integrates the whole sales process, automating tasks such as stock management, product listing, sales order processing, picking and dispatch, as well as customer communication.

Works with sellers’ own online storefronts, is integrated with UK couriers, and can export data to SAGE and QuickBooks. Supports eBay Express, and a range of shopping comparison sites and third-party shopping carts.

Available for Windows, Mac, or as a hosted service.

Provider Comments:

The complete and fully integrated solution for today’s online retailers

eSellerPro has been designed to provide a complete end-to-end solution that is simple to use and meets the needs of all online retailers, whether shipping 10s or 1000s of items each day.

The system simplifies and streamlines all aspects of online sales, from stock acquisition and management to picking and dispatch. eSellerPro has a simple console layout that is intuitive in design, from which all aspects of the system can be operated. As a result the level of training required is minimal.

The system works with eBay, Amazon and a client’s own shop front and is easily integrated with other auction sites as required. It provides comprehensive listing and scheduling facilities, including a choice of standard templates or the ability to integrate bespoke designs. eSellerPro includes a comprehensive shopping cart facility for those customers who don’t already have a webstore presence.

For organizations operating in a drop-shop environment, the system includes a specific consignment module, streamlining the whole process of stock registration and listing.

The system works from a central inventory database from which items can be listed for sale through multiple sales channels, giving optimum exposure and maximum control over stock.

Full barcode support and the use of hand held devices within the system makes it straightforward to check stock in and out as well as ongoing location management within the warehouse. eSellerPro also supports the spread of stock across multiple warehouse locations.

eSellerPro is a JAVA application and has been designed to make maximum use of published APIs, ensuring ongoing integration with third party services.

eSellerPro can be purchased for execution on a hosted basis or run locally. In either case Sandbourne Systems offers the facility to dynamically backup the key databases, providing a complete fall-back environment in the case of local disaster.


2 Responses to “eSellerPro Software Review”

  1. swift_half on February 12th, 2008 6:29 pm

    Guys – you may wish to put the eSellerPro website URL in – instead of our good friends at Channel Advisor :o)

  2. admin on June 30th, 2008 11:14 am

    Thank You. We have fixed the link per your request

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