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MarketplaceAdvisor Premium Software Review


Product:  MarketplaceAdvisor Premium

Company:  ChannelAdvisor


Platform: Web Based

Trial: none

Applicable Auction Sites:

eBay: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Others: Amazon,, Google Base, Overstock Auctions, Yahoo!


Setup fee plus percentage of sales.


Enterprise-level auction management solution. The system is inventory-based, localized, and offers sophisticated listing, management, automation, and reporting, as well as an eCommerce store. An optional brand development service is available. Visit for UK-specific information.

Provider Comments:

MarketplaceAdvisor Premium

A powerful part of the ChannelAdvisor Complete solution, MarketplaceAdvisor Premium enables retailers to automate the labor intensive tasks of e-commerce from inventory management, to ad creation, to order fulfillment. Leveraging these efficiencies, business owners afford themselves more time to focus on building a firm that operates more strategically, sells more products, and becomes more profitable across all online sales channels.

With MarketplaceAdvisor Premium, sellers can efficiently sell through the largest online marketplaces including eBay, and – all from a single platform. MarketplaceAdvisor Premium arms sellers with the most comprehensive set of functionality available to quickly scale an online business.

From the company’s public information


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