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Create a Winning Auction Listing


So you’ve managed to get buyers to click onto your auction!

Now you must convince them to buy your product.

Statistics show that professional looking auction listings end up with 40% more bids.

Poor auction listings don’t net you sales and profits.

So you’ll need to know the right way to list your items if you want to make money using eBay or other online auction sites.

This brief article teaches you how to create listings that produce sales.

Be descriptive

eBay buyers absolutely hate vague descriptions. It creates a lack of trust between you and the buyer. Buyers don’t have the item right in front of them like they do in a shop. They must rely on the seller to provide them with an accurate description of the goods. Include every point people might want to know. If you were selling a pair of trousers for example, you’d at least include the waist size, leg length, material type, and condition of the trousers. Other important things to include in your auction description would be the make, model, or brand.

Point out problems

It’s easy to leave out from the description a minor mark on the item, or a slight blemish in the quality, but you absolutely MUST point out any defects. Buyers would much prefer that you were honest with them. If you do not point out any defects or blemishes the buyer will feel betrayed or ‘scammed’ and will most likely negatively impact your eBay feedback with negative comments.

Include photographs of the item

People feel much more comfortable buying something that they can actually see. It helps to decrease the ‘barrier’ between you and the buyer. You’ll find it increases sales, and it’s extremely easy to do; if you don’t presently have a digital camera, get one; a cheap camera from eBay will do the job.

Use the HTML editor when listing

When listing an item, eBay includes a little editor that allows you to create enhanced descriptions. For example, you can change the text color, font size, or change the layout of your advert. It looks so much more appealing and professional to buyers than a mass of plain text. If you already use a more advanced text editor aside from the one provided by eBay, you’re on the right track.

Include shipping charges

It sounds quite obvious, but many people forget to inform people how much it’ll cost them on top of the auction price to get the item shipped. As a buyer, if I can’t find this information then it sets the old alarm bells ringing. For all I know, you could be about to rip me off on postage. I wouldn’t be the first!

Be persuasive

You’re trying to sell something to people here so make sure you do so! Why should I buy your item? Why shouldn’t I instead go to a rival eBay seller? What makes your item so special that I must place a bid right now?

Many auction listings end unsuccessfully on eBay because people have acquired their auction title WRONG.  With the eBay market becoming ever more over-crowded, it’s now increasingly more important to create auction titles that work. You really do demand to stand up out from your contender eBay vendors.


So how do you create a "winning" title?

A relatively unknown ‘secret’ is to create enigma around your auction or ware. Let’s say you’re trying to sell an ebook named "Net incomes from Adwords" that incorporates info on how to create an income through advertising on Google. Instead of using a traditional title like "Net incomes from Adwords eBook: the secrets to success," trying using a title such as "Brand a Great Income from Writing Three Lines of Textual matter." You’re not revealing exactly what the ware is you’re trying to sell, rather what the ware can do for the buyer.

Once you consider of a few catchy titles you can try them out if you take place to have multiple identical items. See which title sells the best when all other facets of the list are held equal. These little experiments can drastically ameliorate your sales transitions once you acquire how to try properly.

People may experience more compelled to clink on your auction with a catchy title like the 1s named above, but of course of study it does have its disadvantages, and it may not be the correct scheme for every ware. After all, it’s pretty hard to create exhilaration and enigma around a multitude of envelopes for representative! It also slightly belies unity of my regulations below… but it CAN and DOES work if it’s the right ware.

Use working capital letters in your title

This is a MUST in an eBay auction title – Start Each Word In Your Title With A Working Capital Letter Like This. Make your title stand up out from people who don’t, and can actually be more effective than using paid eBay options such as a bold title. You can also assay putting certain key words in full working capitals to pull attending to a unique selling indicate or a particularly attractive characteristic. If the item you’re selling is trade name new then pull attending to this fact in your title.

Most people encounter items on eBay by using the hunt installation, therefore it’s important that you include words in your title that people are likely to be searching for. People that pen titles which are just too plain will lose out on sales. This tip appears like an obvious unity, but you would be stunned at how many people don’t optimize their titles with proper keyword utilization!

Paid options

Use paid options sparingly. eBay offerings all varieties of options that are planned to increase clinks on your auction bridges, such as Bold and Highlight, but these don’t have a large enough impact on auction visitor figures to justify the cost. It may well depend on what you’re selling, but good writing is much more important.

Sell Unique Products

The most important thing to becoming a successful eBay seller is a having a unique product. But if you don’t have a unique product, you can sell other products which are in high demand – such as children’s clothing, designer clothing, digital cameras, etc. But keep in mind that your item has to compete with perhaps at least 100 similar products and they may be offered at a better price.

Make Good Use of Keywords

Be sure to write a good title and description using the proper keywords, which eBay gives you on their selling page. Most people think their auction title page must "read" correctly, like a sentence. However, a successful auction title is filled with keywords so that the search engine can find your auction matching as many keywords as possible.

Recommendations for Successful eBay Auctions

For the best results when selling on eBay, be sure your auction listing meets the following minimum criteria:

  • Listing in the proper category
  • Great title consisting of keywords
  • Great auction descriptions with well placed keywords
  • Clear, sharp, fast-loading photo
  • Initial Price in line with the item’s value
  • Realistic shipping costs
  • Attractive, professional looking auction page
  • Good seller’s track record, demonstrated by your feedback number
  • Re-listing and not giving up if your item doesn’t sell the first time around


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