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Bidz Jewelry Auction Review


Bidz is an online jewelry auction Web site which offers superb values on designer jewelry, with live auctions running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The largest interactive online jewelry auction, the unique Bidz auction format starts items at a $1 minimum bid amount and no reserve, with new items appearing every 5 seconds.

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a diamond bracelet, a pair of ruby earrings, or a contemporary time piece, Bidz offers a wide array of jewelry assortment, low prices, and the only interactive auction experience online.

Already, over 4.5 million people choose to shop for jewelry at Bidz.

Bidz is the number one online site for anyone wanting jewelry; you can find rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and many other fine items. I have been using Bidz for a couple of years and bought many items well under retail … and many that are not available elsewhere.

The Web site offers a simple interface that is easy to use and to navigate. Membership is free and registration only takes a few minutes and then you can start bidding on items. You may want to research items to compare the retail and second hand price before bidding; however you find that many items on Bidz sell far below the retail price.

Payment options include PayPal and all major credit cards. All U.S. orders are shipped through either USPS or Fed Ex and shipping rates are reasonable, determined by item category.

Bidz offers up to 95% off gold jewelry, engagement rings, watches, diamond jewelry, and much more. Searching for the perfect engagement ring?  At Bidz one can get a huge variety of designer engagement rings that are more than affordable.  There are a variety of different size diamond carat rings and the design styles range from classic to modern.

Along with its unique, affordable inventory, Bidz offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all merchandise. The largest online auction house of its kind, Bidz contains many elements that set itself apart from the growing number of competitive, similar sites.

With only a $1.00 minimum opening bid on any item, Bidz offers a highly interactive and unique online bidding experience. Once $1.00 or more has opened an item for bidding, bidders can watch the time remaining in real time and bid multiple times as the bid amount increases, or may choose to let the item go if the bid price gets too high although, as with most online auctions, bids may not be retracted once placed.

This bidding format may be the next best thing to experiencing a live auction, and the entertainment factor alone is worth giving Bidz a try. Auctions continue until all bids are received. Once an item is sold, the actual retail value and winning bid are displayed. It is common to see an item with a retail value over $500 sell for a little as $25 or $50.

Bidz provides an alternative liquidation channel for designers and distributors; "Bidz brings together the fragmented supply and demand of excess jewelry products in a single online location." The low purchase price Bidz pays for products allows for the requirement of only $1.00 as a minimum opening bid. This small bid requirement, in turn, allows customers complete control over the price they pay for the products.

In addition, with all products housed onsite in Bidz inventory, customers can rely on timely delivery of their purchases."

Bidz also provides a regular source of product for resellers who resell their goods through alternative channels including retail locations, eBay, Yahoo stores and other online eCommerce channels. Resellers are often able to get product on Bidz at lower prices than they could from large distributors or manufacturers directly.

If you haven’t tried Bidz yet, you are definitely missing out on a unique jewelry auction experience and huge savings on your jewelry and gift item purchases. Register for free and see why people are raving about Bidz!


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