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With the increasing popularity of eBay over the years have come increasingly costly insertion and auction fees, strict rules for buyers and sellers, unwarranted account suspensions, ineffective customer service and an attitude that they just don’t care about individual users much anymore!

Anybody who has extensive experience buying and/or selling on eBay can share at least a few stories that make you stop and wonder if its worth doing business on the online auction behemoth.

But there are alternatives and for buyers and sellers in the United States, provides a secure online auction venue.

Read on to learn more about this up and coming online auction alternative. offers US auction buyers and sellers a unique and less expensive alternative to eBay!What Is

Based in Arizona, UpperBid Auction bills itself as the “#1 auction site online where bidders can bid on products from sellers living only within the United States”.

A unique feature of UpperBid is that there is no charge to browse, bid on or buy items! There are no insertion fees to list items and you only pay fees as a seller if your item actually sells or you choose special features such as reserve price auctions or enhanced listing features such as bold/colored titles and featured auction listings.

Final value fees are quite reasonable, ranging from one to four percent of the selling price, depending upon the sale price. Overall the auction fees are a great value compared to other online auction venues.

Secure Free Registration

The UpperBid online registration process is secure, free and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. You must have a US address in order to register for an account.

Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation in order to complete the registration process and activate your account.

UpperBid payment options include Paypal, check or money order. Sellers are required to provide a credit card to verify their identity before they can sell. Bidders may participate in auctions without providing a credit card.

UpperBid Advantages for Buyers

UpperBid Online Auctions provides an online trading community where people buy and sell items from sellers in the United States who ship from within the United States.

For buyers, this means you can find great deals on all kinds of items, from antiques to brand new computers and just about anything you’d find on eBay!

The site makes it very easy to browse or search for sale items. Buyers can see profiles and feedback left for sellers by other buyers. Buyers can also ask questions about sale items and receive answers directly from Sellers; really the system offers all the features you’d expect to find on a top online auction site!

UpperBid Advantages for Sellers

The obvious advantage to sellers using UpperBid will be savings versus using eBay. UpperBid gives you the ability to market products to a large volume of daily visitors, making this an efficient channel to sell just about anything.

The Instant Purchase feature is similar to the Buy It Now feature on most auction sites and you also have features such as enhanced listings, reserve auction prices, Dutch auctions and other premium auction capabilities you will recognize from other top notch auction venues.

If you have your own e-commerce store or already sell on eBay, then why not try selling on and enjoy reduced fees and expand your distribution channel?


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