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Ebay PowerSeller Tips


The eBay! PowerSeller symbol is very powerful in helping you earn money on the Internet.

It proves you are a trustworthy and experienced eBay seller.

Most eBay Power Sellers are making a lot of hard-earned money with their eBay businesses.

If you really stop and think about it, the PowerSeller community is like an independent workforce for eBay!

AuctionWeiser is proud to present its complete list of eBay! PowerSeller secrets so that you too can earn the distinction of obtaining PowerSeller status!

1. Provide simple and easy payment options for your buyers

You will absolutely increase sales by making it as easy as possible for your customers to make payment! Provide as many options as you can; check, money order, PayPaland ultimately, Credit Cards are the payment options of choice for eBay! PowerSellers. Paypal is easily the most popular online payment service, especially on eBay. It offers security for buyers and sellers, protecting both parties from online fraud. If you don’t have one yet, sign up for a free PayPal account now!

2. Build as much positive feedback as possible

Nothing hurts the level of trust and confidence with eBay! buyers as negative feedback. You should try to maintain 100% positive feedback at all times and NEVER get into debates or trading negative comments with any buyer for any reason. If a buyer unreasonably gives you negative feedback, you can try to appeal it, but responding only makes you look defensive and increases the damage.

3. Maintain a dedicated email account for your online auction

You will appear more professional if you have an appropriate email account that deals with all your online orders and enquiries. Having a dedicated email account will give you an advantage over other eBay sellers. Do not use your generic Yahoo email account with random numbers, etc. If you don’t have one, find a dedicated email service provider today and sign up; it doesn’t cost that much and will definitely increase your sales results.

4. Always include a signature in your email

Email signatures are an effective branding strategy and a good opportunity to sell more items to your existing customers and ensure repeat sales. Always follow up with buyers promptly and be honest in all communications.

5. Put together a list of FAQs

Save time and avoid answering the same questions from buyers if you have a complete list of your terms and conditions included on every listing. Also be sure that your listings are complete and detailed; this further avoids having to answer repetitive questions from bidders.

6. Do your market research on eBay trends for the categories in which you sell

You should be constantly on the lookout for the hottest categories and items to sell on eBay. You can check out the eBay calendar for themes of the month and other seasonal offers. Always keep track of what other people are selling.

7. Present your listings in the best possible light

Your listings and ads must be professional, with clean, simple design, quality photos and all the details buyers need to bid with confidence. Avoid confusing buyers and always be honest when you are describing your items. You will increase your chance of getting positive feedbacks in that way. In addition, check your spelling and grammars before you put up your ads.

8. Employ automation tools

If you have a seller pro subscription, you can automate a many processes, including email notifications, feedback generation, and newsletters. Automation saves you time and energy so that you can focus completely on building your eBay business.

9. Provide clear shipping and handling details

Be very clear on instructions after sales, such as shipping, handling, postage, etc. Your customers will appreciate that greatly. If possible, provide tracking codes to buyers. Don’t overcharge your shipping expenses and never apply a “handling” fee.

10. Present high quality photos

You should present multiple pictures whenever possible and they should be clear and taken in good lighting conditions. Close up images of pertinent details are advised. Good photos are proven to increase your sales and attract more bids. Always be sure to take quality pictures with your digital camera with an appropriate background free of distractions. Also, in most cases, it is not advisable to use manufacturer’s photos of items, unless the items are new in the box.

11. Re list unsold items

Its best to re list unsold items since eBay will not charge you again if the item is sold later; creating new listings for the same item increases your selling expense.

12. Use listing features effectively

EBay offers different types of listing features, such as bold, highlight, border, feature plus, etc. They all have different price and some of them are not cheap. You should use them appropriately after weighing against the potential profits in the sale.

13. Never use reserve option

For most items, you will be much less successful using reserves. Buyers are much less likely to bid on items with reserve price. You are better off raising your starting price or trusting that the item will get more bids if you start the price low and let market demand drive the final selling price higher. It is proven that items with more bids get viewed more often and, therefore, get even more bids.

14. Use the ten day auction period and the gallery option

These are both proven options for listings that get results. Promoting your listings will increase the volume of sales and prices you can command for your items.

Follow these proven techniques and you too can be an eBay! PowerSeller!


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